Mikael Hastrup

Co-founder & CEO at PropBidder, Technology Sector

About Mikael Hastrup

PropBidder's creator and CEO, Mikael Hastrup, has a background in technology and finance that has allowed him to make a difference. He thinks it's critical to develop technological innovations that benefit society and wants to serve as an example for others.

"I work hard every day to have an influence. Nothing extravagant or showy is always necessary to make an impact. Hastrup says those who work quietly and subtly frequently make the most significant differences.

Hastrup concentrates on developing approaches that offer fairness and transparency in transactions, particularly in the real estate industry. He created PropBidder, a software program for bidding that enables buyers and sellers to make more educated choices.

Hastrup firmly believes in the ability of technology to influence society and its sound effects. He points out that technology has made it simpler for smaller parties to collaborate and communicate efficiently, including startups, lone investors, and property owners.

Hastrup obtained helpful expertise in the real estate sector before switching to software development by working on both the loan and real estate development sides. He gained a thorough awareness of the difficulties that lenders, real estate brokers, investors, and other industry participants confront.

According to Hastrup, learning occurs inside and outside the classroom, and success depends on having a solid understanding of the market and business you're trying to disrupt through technology. He became utterly engrossed in the real estate sector and created helpful, practical answers to the problems encountered by many stakeholders. In addition, Mikael Hastrup thinks that fostering fairness and clarity might promote stability and lessen the possibility of long-term exploitation of others.